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Video is a powerful way to help your students understand concepts in the Maths classroom. No matter the topic or learning level, ClickView is here to help with hundreds of educational videos for secondary Maths. All videos are accompanied by useful teaching resources, such as downloadable worksheets, ready for you to use with your students.

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Could you and your Maths department benefit from easy access to carefully curated, engaging video content at your fingertips? You can now watch some of our best-loved Maths videos free, for a limited time. Find out how ClickView can powerfully enhance student learning and engagement in the secondary Maths classroom.

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Perfect Squares and Square Roots

Series: Numbers and Algebra

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Survey Data: Collecting and Displaying

Series: Survey Data

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Line Graphs: Gradients and Midpoints

Series: Numbers and Algebra

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Introducing Trigonometric Ratios

Series: Measurement and Geometry

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We work with a team of subject experts when creating our ClickView custom video content and educational resources. You can be confident that all content aligns with the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence, giving you peace of mind as you prepare your Maths lessons. With a ClickView subscription, you have unlimited access to all videos in our library and supporting resources, such as classroom activities and lesson plans.

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Drawing Prisms-image
Drawing Prisms
Graphing Simple Parabolas and Circles-image
Graphing Simple Parabolas and Circles
Median, Mean and Outliers-image
Median, Mean and Outliers

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