Effective teaching strategies

Explore our teaching strategies resources for an in-depth look at how to inject new ideas into your classes or lectures. You’ll find a summary of each strategy, plus innovative ways to incorporate ClickView content and resources into teaching and learning for your particular class.

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Why use a variety of teaching strategies with your students?

Effective teachers understand that innovative teaching strategies are key for significant learning and growth in the classroom. It’s part of creating a positive classroom culture, where students feel connected with you, each other and the content. Using a range of teaching strategies provides a space for students to grow and take calculated risks. learning for your particular class.

10 effective classroom teaching strategies to enhance learning

ClickView can be incorporated within your teaching and learning strategies in many different ways. Click the link to learn more about each particular strategy.

  1. Setting goals

    Every ClickView video lesson has a clearly defined learning intention to help you and your students with SMART goal setting.

  2. Structuring lessons

    ClickView videos are accompanied by teaching resource packs to provide content ideas and guide you with lesson structure.

  3. Explicit teaching

    Record direct instruction using the ClickView app to model a particular learning outcome for your students.

  4. Worked examples

    Create playlists of video content to facilitate a step-by-step learning experience for your students.

  5. Collaborative learning

    ClickView lesson plans encourage a range of collaborative learning activities and group work opportunities.

  6. Multiple exposures

    Your students can access ClickView’s curriculum-aligned content anywhere, anytime on any device to aid mastery of learning.

  7. Questioning

    Adding an interactive video question layer transforms the learning experience from passive to active instantly.

  8. Feedback

    Formatively assess your students with interactive videos and receive instant feedback to inform your planning and teaching.

  9. Metacognitive strategies

    ClickView’s content on study skills and critical thinking encourages skill development in all areas of learning.

  10. Differentiated teaching

    Create personalised playlists and scaffolded interactives for different learning styles and needs within your class.

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Downloadable teaching resources for lessons or lectures

We’re here to streamline and enhance your teaching practice. Our downloadable resources can help prompt you and your students in the classroom or lecture theatre. Access plenty of ideas about how you can incorporate ClickView within your repertoire of teaching and learning strategies.

Need more advice? Get in touch with your ClickView Advisor, attend a webinar or check out the dedicated ClickView training channel.

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