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Create deeper understanding through video

From the series we create to programmes we source, ClickView finds, curates and produces the best educational videos.

Relevant, educational content at your fingertips

With emphasis on teaching and learning we produce the best educational content for all year levels.

ClickView is the world’s leading producer of educational videos

  • Our team of educators produce content from Primary, Secondary right through to Further and Higher Education.
  • We work with educators to deliver content that matches your teaching needs. Find resources for your next lesson or lecture in our Content Catalogue.
  • Access TV recordings from Freeview and European satellite channels. Browse the best educational programmes from TV contributed by educational institutes and the BBC RES Archive over the last 10 years.
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Turn passive viewing into active learning experiences

  • Create active learning experiences by adding annotations, short answer questions, and multiple choice responses to deepen understanding and feedback.
  • Educators receive detailed reporting within ClickView, which provide measurable results of video viewing and concept comprehension.
  • Our interactive videos support blended learning as students can engage deeply with the video both in and out of the classroom.
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Deliver new resources quickly and easily to your staff

  • Seamlessly integrates with popular VLEs including Moodle, OneNote, Google Classroom, Canvas, and more.
  • Access ClickView with Single Sign-On (SSO) using existing staff and student accounts. No need for a new password!
  • Save internet bandwidth, server space, and load high quality videos faster.
  • Our curated video library is ready to deliver for your staff. You can also tailor the library content to meet your needs.
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Free videos for the Spring Term

Our most popular resources for your classes are available free, for a limited time.

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Glasgow Clyde College

Take video learning further

Learn how Glasgow Clyde College uses video to turn passive learning into active learning experiences with ClickView’s interactive videos.

Tupton Hall School

Easily find the right curriculum-aligned videos

Learn how Tupton Hall School uses ClickView’s wide range of educational videos and ready-made resources.

Edinburgh College

Using video for effective assessment

Learn how Edinburgh College uses interactive videos as a fast and effective form of assessment.

Seamless integration with your VLE and LMS

Easily create video-based assignments by embedding videos directly in your existing VLE and LMS.

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