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Use video to create ‘aha’ moments in your primary English lessons.

Video content is valuable for teaching many components of English, including grammar, sentence structure and presentation skills.

Free primary English videos for deeper engagement and understanding

High-quality videos can introduce or clarify concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Use interactive video to promote oracy before you start a topic to check your students’ level of understanding. Our most popular English videos are now available free, for a limited time. Discover how ClickView can help you create a deeper understanding of English through video.

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Miniclips: Poetic Devices

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Miniclips: Text Types

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Miniclips: Grammar

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Miniclips: Grammar

Download lesson plan resources

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Discover an extensive range of curriculum-aligned primary English resources

Full ClickView access lets you view all videos and download the primary English resource pack for any video. These time-saving resources include lesson plans and classroom activities. They’ve been designed with subject experts to align with the video content and both the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence. Use them however you choose - download them as they are or adapt and embed them into your LMS for students.

Lesson Plans

Text Types: Imaginative Lesson Plan-image
Text Types: Imaginative Lesson Plan
Short Form Poetry Lesson Plan-image
Short Form Poetry Lesson Plan
Poetic Devices: Onomatopoeia Lesson Plan-image
Poetic Devices: Onomatopoeia Lesson Plan


Keep students engaged

In the Primary English library, you’ll discover all the very best curated educational content, from ClickView-produced series to films and Freeview TV content ad-free. Video is a valuable tool for teaching many components of the primary English curriculum, including grammar, sentence structure and oral presentation skills.

An active watching experience

Use interactive video to help maintain learner engagement in your primary English lessons. Add interactive question layers on topics such as poetry, verbs, alliteration and text types. Gather formative assessment data instantly, giving you tools for effective planning and differentiation within your classroom.

Designed for primary

We want you to feel confident showing any video from the English library in your classroom. We’ve carefully classified each one with a visible rating, so you can be sure they’re suitable for your students. All our Miniclips are designed specifically for a primary audience, ideal for use in the Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 classroom.

Our subject experts

To provide you with the most valuable teaching and learning experience, we align our world-leading video content to both the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence. English lesson plans and classroom activities have been designed with specialist educational consultants who act as our advisory team.

Support teaching strategies

Each ClickView video lesson in the English library has a clearly defined learning intention to help students achieve their goals. Using quality video content in the classroom can help students reach these objectives, such as through the teaching strategy of multiple exposures.