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All secondary video content has been designed or selected for its relevance to the National Curriculum. For example, the Curriculum Bites series contains KS3 English, KS3 History and KS3 Science videos covering skills and topic content for younger secondary students. As a Key Stage 3 educator, you’ll also find valuable teaching resources to support you in the classroom. These include KS3 lesson plan templates, downloadable worksheets and other activities.

Free Key Stage 3 videos

You have access to our most popular videos for Key Stage 3 free, for a limited time. Find out how a huge number of schools across the UK already use our content to enhance educational outcomes in the secondary classroom.

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Aftermath of the Holocaust

Series: The Holocaust

Download lesson plan resources
Choosing What to Investigate

Series: How Scientists Work

Download lesson plan resources
Historical Context of Macbeth

Series: Shakespeare in Conversation: Macbeth

Download lesson plan resources
Future-Focused Structures

Series: Building by Design

Download lesson plan resources

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Great KS3 lesson plan ideas for your classroom

Use ClickView video content in your secondary classroom to get students excited about learning. Heighten student engagement and boost educational outcomes, whether a new topic or revision is on the agenda. Explore KS3 Bitesize clips with your students, designed to help them revise for their Key Stage 3 Science National Curriculum Tests.

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Lesson Plans

Shakespeare <br />Lesson Plan Book-image
Lesson Plan Book
Science Key Stage 3 <br />Part 1 Lesson Plan Book-image
Science Key Stage 3
Part 1 Lesson Plan Book
Science Key Stage 3 <br />Part 2 Lesson Plan Book-image
Science Key Stage 3
Part 2 Lesson Plan Book

Free teaching resources for all levels

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Add an interactive question layer to any video to transform it into an effective tool for formative assessment. Using interactive videos engages students in active learning, as they respond to questions during viewing. This process helps develop important critical thinking and reflection skills.
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