ClickView Editorial Standards

Overview and Purpose

ClickView provides educational institutions with a safe and reliable video platform that aims to meet their every video-based requirement

ClickView has curated libraries comprised of original content produced by ClickView, educational videos acquired from carefully selected content providers, and the best of broadcast television with thousands of programmes curated for learners.

These editorial standards cover the following:

  • Content including:
    • Original Productions
    • Third-party content
    • Broadcast content
    • User-generated content
  • Marketing and Social Media:
    • Marketing Messages from ClickView
    • Social Media
      • Standards
      • Responsibility
      • Audience Expectations
      • Duty of Care
  • Company values


  1. Content overview

    ClickView independently produces and hosts video content that serves as resources for UK educators. This video content can be categorised into three groups:

    1. ClickView Original Productions

      ClickView produces its own video content and accompanying resources for primary and secondary schools, and tertiary education providers. These Original Productions are any content produced where ClickView is listed as the production company. This content is intentionally designed to align with the national and local curricula wherever possible.

    2. Third-party content

      ClickView hosts third-party video content on the platform. This third-party content comes from local and international providers.

      This content is acquired, curated, and maintained by ClickView to ensure its safety and suitability for students and teachers. Content that is provided by external content providers is hosted contractually, which means there is possibility for it to be removed from our platform in the case that the distribution agreement is not renewed. For more information on the removal of content, please see 8. Removal of content.

    3. Broadcast content

      ClickView hosts broadcast video content on the platform. This content is sourced from national broadcast television. This content is recorded, curated, and maintained by ClickView to ensure its safety and suitability for students and teachers. ClickView relies on the classifications supplied by the broadcasters in order to determine suitability for audiences. Curation is guided by the channel’s purpose and target audience as well as the commissioning context of the broadcast content.

      While ClickView monitors the content uploaded to the platform to the best of our ability, it is still possible that even General/Universal/Exempt-classified programming might not be deemed as suitable for some students. It is the responsibility of educational institutions to set appropriate rating controls based on the needs of their student cohort. For more information, please refer to How to Manage Video Access.

      For more information on content suitability, please see 7. Harm and offence.

      Broadcast content is provided in line with our Online Terms of Use .

    4. User-generated content

      ClickView hosts content generated and contributed by educators who have intended it for use in their own teaching and to share with ClickView’s educator community. This user-generated content is not curated or edited by ClickView, and the opinions and facts featured in this content are not necessarily representative of ClickView as a company.

  2. Contributors

    ClickView creates and hosts content in collaboration with leading experts and consultants in the field. Their opinions are not necessarily representative of ours as a company. Our educational consultants are pedagogical experts in a range of subject areas. Many are practicing teachers, and all bring a wealth of professional experience to ClickView’s content processes. You can find out more about ClickView’s Educational Consultants here.

  3. Impartiality

    ClickView is committed to achieving due impartiality in all its content output. This commitment is fundamental to our reputation, independence, and the trust of audiences.

    We aim to provide a balance of viewpoints and are committed to reflecting a wide range of subject matter and perspectives across all our content and over an appropriate time frame so that no significant line of thought is knowingly un-reflected or under-represented.

  4. Diversity of perspectives

    ClickView aims to present content that addresses a broad range of subjects from a wide range of perspectives reflecting diverse experiences, presented in a variety of ways. This diversity includes but is not limited to religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, and ability.

    By including diverse perspectives and experiences ClickView aims to provide content that resonates with students and educators from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

  5. Accuracy

    ClickView has a duty to ensure that the gathering and presentation of information is objective and accurate according to current research and pedagogical practice. Credibility depends heavily on factual accuracy.

    ClickView requires that reasonable efforts must be made to ensure accuracy in all fact-based content. This includes cross-referencing sources, stringent quality control practices and incorporating feedback and guidance from experts in the field. ClickView’s accuracy standard applies to assertions of fact, not to expressions of opinion.

  6. Corrections and clarification

    A commitment to accuracy includes a willingness to correct errors and clarify ambiguous or otherwise misleading information. ClickView is committed to making swift corrections in order to reduce harmful reliance on inaccurate information, especially given content can be quickly, widely and permanently distributed. Corrections and clarifications can contribute to achieving fairness and impartiality.

    Corrections and clarifications can be flagged within the platform or directed to

  7. Harm and offence

    ClickView publishes and hosts comprehensive and innovative content that aims to educate, inform, and entertain an audience of diverse learners. Innovation involves a willingness to take risks, experiment with new ideas, and convey diverse experiences and realities. This can result in challenging content which may offend some of the audience, some of the time.

    Consideration of the nature of the target audience for particular content is part of ClickView’s process to assess harm and offence in context, as is any signposting that equips audiences to make informed choices about what they see, hear or read.

  8. Removal of content

    ClickView prides itself on providing high quality video content that is accurate and relevant. While we produce a high volume of new content each year, we also work with consultants to remove content that we deem dated or irrelevant to contemporary curricula, and/or the current political and social landscape.

    The third-party content from external content providers may also be removed from the ClickView platform if the distribution agreement contract is not renewed. Broadcast content from national broadcast television may also be removed in the case a duplicate version is available that is of higher quality, resulting in the previous copy being archived and no longer searchable on the platform. Broadcast content will be immediately removed from the platform if it is in breach of relevant copyright laws. We always endeavour to inform our users of any content to be removed with adequate notice.

Marketing and Social Media

Marketing Messages from ClickView

ClickView may occasionally send you emails and promotional material regarding our products and services that are relevant to you and/or your school or institute.

ClickView may utilise usage data to help guide and inform our content selection. It also helps our staff prioritise and personalise promotional content based on propensity modeling and audience preference data.

Before starting any promotional activity, ClickView considers whether the chosen media channels are the right platforms for the audience in question. ClickView also assesses whether there are enough resources to manage the account. Promotion of content across the chosen channel/s is prioritised based on the following criteria:

  1. Timeliness: content related to a significant event on the education calendar as well as significant historical, political and/or cultural days.
  2. Educational impact: curriculum-relevant content with supporting resources for the classroom e.g. teaching resource packs that enhance teaching and learning experiences.
  3. Content analytics: regular monitoring of content analytics and user feedback will also guide decisions on content curation and promotion.

Social Media


All ClickView social media activity is subject to the ClickView Editorial Standards and editorial oversight in the same way as our on-site and in-product content.

ClickView aims to take particular care to maintain educational integrity and independence on social media. ClickView understands that social media activity has the potential to compromise the company’s integrity and damage the ClickView brand and reputation.

We want our audiences and customers to be confident that our social media activity does not undermine ClickView’s brand and that editorial decisions are not influenced by commercial or personal interests.


ClickView is responsible for content posted on official ClickView accounts. We take editorial responsibility in proportion to our control of the media environment in which we operate.

Official ClickView accounts are those over which ClickView exercises editorial control. Aspects of editorial control include:

  • establishing the account, which must be authorised in accordance with the Editorial Standards – refer to the ‘User-Generated Content’ section of the Editorial Policy,
  • publishing content generated, produced, commissioned or acquired by ClickView,
  • moderating user-generated content left on the third-party platform, to the extent permitted by the third-party site and in line with the expectations and conventions of the third-party site (refer to Editorial Guidelines 1. iii ‘User-Generated Content’)
  • determining if and when the account is to be modified or closed.

Personal accounts may not be listed or cross-promoted on ClickView platforms unless editorially justified. If editorial references to personal accounts are made and justified, ClickView will not take editorial or legal responsibility for the content.

Social media platforms differ widely in their functionality, the audiences they attract and the risks inherent in ClickView’s activity on them. Before undertaking activity on a third-party platform, ClickView carefully considers the editorial purpose behind that specific activity. ClickView also considers a third-party platform’s terms and conditions, and any contractual, legal, data protection or information security issues. ClickView ensures the choice of channel and activity does not bring ClickView into disrepute or pose significant risks to children and young people.

ClickView aims to be transparent and honest about errors, corrections and apologies on any branded ClickView accounts.

Audience Expectations

ClickView understands that audiences will expect ClickView content on third-party platforms to reflect similar values to our own platform, within the context (tone and style) of the social media platform in question.

ClickView will consider:

  • turning off comments if ClickView does not have the resources to appropriately monitor particular sites
  • not posting risky content on sites where comments can’t be blocked
  • using additional moderation resources for potentially difficult or controversial content.

In the comment and conversational sections on our social media channels, ClickView will accommodate the widest possible range of opinions consistent with our duty of care, appropriate language and behaviour, and the law.

Duty of Care

ClickView will reconsider a social media post if there’s a chance it could put contributors at risk of significant harm – particularly when they are young or vulnerable. ClickView takes into account the potential impact of harmful comments on the content being widely shared.

ClickView Values

As an organisation, we exist to enhance teaching and learning experiences. We support educators at all levels of learning to foster creative and innovative educational environments and to deliver powerful pedagogical outcomes through technology and video. We operate with four key values at our heart:

  • Empower learners

    We demonstrate our passion for deeper educational experiences through learning, growing and sharing our knowledge.

  • People-centred

    People are at the heart of our organisation. We are accountable and we communicate with each other and our customers, with honesty and respect.

  • Lead the way

    We play an integral role in evolving teaching and learning through future-focused innovation, rising to challenge and always ensuring that we have the long-term in mind.

  • Play as one team

    We work hard but always make time for fun as we build meaningful relationships, collaborate and share inspiration. As the education industry continues to evolve, we continue to look for ways to innovate and improve learning and teaching experiences for our customers. ClickView aims to hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards and build an environment that encourages collaboration, cultivates passion and respects all perspectives and schools of thought.