Prepare your students for academic success this year!

Prepare your students for academic success this year!

Share our new series, Study Skills, to foster positive study habits from day 1

We all know how important it is for students to learn and practice positive study habits in and out of the classroom. Our new series, Study Skills, will help your students to form productive and healthy habits over four key areas:

  • Time management
  • Learning styles
  • Memory tips and tricks
  • Research and review

With fun and engaging story lines, involving hair-raising stunts like dismantling a bomb, Study Skills will provide the perfect vehicle for your students to plan for success in 2018.

Watch the first episode of Study Skills!


Time Flies: Time Management Tips

Emerson and Parker have lost control of the final commercial flight of the Berringer-848 model aeroplane. As it plummets from the sky, every second is vital. Fortunately skills coach extraordinaire, Ray Roundtree, is on hand to outline some strategies for better managing their time.

Library: Secondary
Audience: Junior Secondary
Subject:  Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

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New Series: Study Skills

Time Flies: Time Management Tips is the first video in the Study Skills series, all of which will soon be available on ClickView. Learn more about the other three videos below:

The Magic of Learning Styles

World-famous magician Angelo Mysterioso can’t take a trick. No matter how hard he studies his craft, he can’t get it right. Enter skills coach Ray Roundtree, who enlightens the magician on learning styles…

Locked in the Vault: Memory Tips and Tricks

It’s the day of the bank raid. Underworld lynchpin Black Cat isn’t impressed that Bugsy’s forgotten how to crack a safe. A knock at the door…it’s skills coach Ray Roundtree who loads them up with guidelines…

Defuse the Situation: Online Search and Review

It’s high drama – police have identified a time-bomb in a car boot. Brave Constable Taviner decides to defuse it herself – brave because she has no idea what she’s doing. In a flash, skills coach Ray Roundtree appears…

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