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We’ve made the most popular educational videos on our platform free to access during COVID-19. It’s our way of helping teachers and families continue with high-quality learning with access to world leading educational resources. Keep your students engaged with ClickView-produced videos and rich supporting resources, such as lesson plans and various activities.

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What video resources are available?

ClickView is the leading video content resource for British primary schools, secondary schools and further education settings. Trusted by over 4,900 schools and colleges, we put world-class teaching and learning content at the fingertips of students and educators.

In response to COVID-19 school closures, you now have access to visually stunning, curriculum-aligned video content and teaching resources. Each video aligns with the UK curriculum and is designed with a specific year group and subject in mind. Choose from hundreds of educational titles in our exclusive collection for all subjects, including English, Science, Maths, History, Geography and Technologies, as well as student wellbeing titles.

Planets of the solar system free videos
Planets of the Solar System

Primary Science

Pathogens and Infectious Disease Free Videos
Pathogens and Infectious Disease

Secondary Science

Think twice about waste free videos
Think Twice about Waste

Primary Geography

Why study macbeth free videos
Why Study Macbeth?

Secondary English

Grammar verbs free videos
Grammar: Verbs

Primary English

What is anxiety free videos
What Is Anxiety?

Secondary PSHE

Multiplication as Repeated Addition free videos
Multiplication as Repeated Addition

Primary Maths

Remembrance Sunday free videos
Remembrance Sunday

Primary History

Wellbeing Resilience free videos
Wellbeing Resilience

Primary PSHE

Global Atmospheric Circulation free videos
Global Atmospheric Circulation

Secondary Geography

Introduction Trigonometic Ratios free videos
Introduction Trigonometric Ratios

Secondary Maths

Elizabethan England Free Videos
Elizabethan England

Secondary History

Free educational video quizzes for blended learning

We have made our interactive videos free for you and your students to access for blended learning. Interactive videos transform passive video watching into active learning, encouraging students to develop skills in higher order thinking and critical reflection.

Simply choose a video with an orange ‘Interactive’ badge and open the video. The ‘Interactive videos’ tab is below the video.

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Support student wellbeing in 2021

During challenging times, it’s normal to feel more stressed or concerned about things than usual. We’d love to help you prioritise your wellbeing, and that of your students as you return to face-to-face learning. These resources will help give you the tools you need to focus on wellbeing. That’s why we’re sharing this special collection of resources during this time of transition, to help give you the tools you need to focus on wellbeing. Share them with colleagues, peers and students to support those around you.

Wellbeing Series


Wellbeing is fundamental for a happy and healthy life. This series explores six key areas of children’s wellbeing – resilience, confidence, healthy habits, identity and values, motivation, and relationships. By following a group of diverse animated characters, children learn the importance of wellbeing and tips to help them achieve it.

Healthy Habits
Healthy Habits
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How to deliver student wellbeing lessons

Innovating Minds Presents Wellbeing for Students

Learn how to use ClickView to help support your school’s vital wellbeing programs. In this session, Dr Asha Patel, Clinical Psychologist, CEO and Founder of Innovating Minds, and ClickView consultant will discuss anxiety and emotional literacy.

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Understanding Anxiety

Primary & Secondary

Anxiety can affect us all. It can feel like you have too many balls in the air, like you’re struggling to keep life in balance, or like failure is just one wrong move away. In this three-part series, students will be introduced to the concept of anxiety through the visual metaphor of circus performers who, through mastering their juggling and balancing acts, help viewers to recognise strategies to manage and master their feelings.

What Is Anxiety?
What Is Anxiety?
Exam Stress
Exam Stress
Transition Anxiety
Transition Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety: A Teacher’s Guide

Primary & Secondary

Experienced psychologists provide clear explanations about varying forms of anxiety in this six-part series. It’s important viewing for teachers and those in wellbeing roles to recognise anxiety in students, understand its possible causes, and easily implement strategies to manage different types of anxiety.

Social Anxiety: A Teacher’s Guide
Social Anxiety: A Teacher’s Guide
Panic Disorders
Panic Disorders: A Teacher’s Guide
Specific Phobias: A Teacher’s Guide
Specific Phobias: A Teacher’s Guide

Social Media


With two seasons of three episodes each, this series follows three characters’ experiences with identity and self-esteem, as they navigate social media and real world relationships. It encourages young people to think critically about their online interactions and experiences and manage their social media use in a positive way.

Understanding Self-Esteem
Understanding Self-Esteem
Self-Esteem and Social Media
Self-Esteem and Social Media
Positive Social Media Strategies
Positive Social Media Strategies

Psychology Concepts

Secondary & Tertiary

This series investigates stress as a psychobiological process. It looks at the causes of stress and how our perception of a situation impacts stress. Fight or flight response is explored, along with the negative effects of prolonged stress. The series includes models of cognitive and physiological processes and explores the benefits of various strategies for managing stress.

Stress as a Psychological Process
Stress as a Psychological Process
Stress as a Biological Process
Stress as a Biological Process
Managing and Coping with Stress
Managing and Coping with Stress

Videos include supplementary teaching resources

Maintain structure and heighten engagement during this period of remote teaching and learning. You can access supporting educational resources such as lesson plans, quizzes, activities and worksheets.

Continents and oceans plan free videos
Tropical Cyclones free videos
Troubles at honme and abroad lesson plan free videos
Are you job ready communication free videos

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