Next Stop, Puberty!

Introducing our brand-new, down-to-earth series

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Why focus on puberty?

A journey through puberty is a rite of passage for us all. This important new series explores the wide variety of physical, social and emotional changes puberty brings, to help equip young viewers for the wild ride ahead.

Designed specifically for upper primary students and their teachers, each visually impactful episode also includes supporting educational resources to deepen understanding.

The Next Stop, Puberty! series:

  • Includes credible, reliable information and resources to support your teaching of what can be a challenging topic.
  • Includes content that reflects diversity, in ethnicity, body shape and gender, for example.
  • Has a contemporary look and feel that will engage young learners in the content.
  • Provides students with age appropriate and evidence-based information and strategies to understand and manage puberty.
  • Combines biological, social and emotional aspects of sexuality education for a well-rounded approach.

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Put young minds at ease

The clips in this series deal with the physical, emotional and social changes that happen during puberty. The series emphasises to young people that puberty is just a natural stage in a person’s life, with no one ‘normal’ experience. Students will discover that everyone changes and develops at different times and in different ways.

Teach puberty your way

The series also encourages flexibility in teaching and learning, with the inclusion of several clips about physical changes (males, females, combination) to cater for co-educational and single sex classes.

Discover all 6 full-length episodes free to share with your students.

Tackled with sensitivity, respect and humour, this series is honest and essential viewing for upper-primary students on their journey towards adolescence. Each episode comes with a pack of printable supporting resources for your lessons.

episode 1

Jump Onboard

Jump in, it’s going to be a wild ride! This broad and light-hearted introduction to puberty looks at the common features of male and female puberty, emphasising that puberty is far from a one-size-fits-all process.

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episode 2

All the Changes

Change often equals uncertainty and this is never truer than for children approaching puberty. Leaving no awkward stone unturned – from hair to periods and erections – this video takes viewers through the physical, social and emotional hallmarks of puberty, ingraining the fact that there’s no shame in any of it.

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episode 3

All the Changes – Females

Getting her first period is one of the most significant changes a girl will experience during puberty. Like reassurance from a big sister, this video considers the options available for managing this often confronting change, and looks at other features of female puberty including breast growth and female ‘wet dreams’.

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episode 4

All the Changes – Males

Having his first ‘wet dream’ or unwanted erection can be an embarrassing and confronting experience for a boy entering puberty. Like wisdom from a big brother, this video goes through all the things a penis might do that it hasn’t done before as well as other changes that occur during male puberty, such as the deepening of a boy’s voice.

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episode 5

All the Feels

The major physical changes of puberty can often overshadow the less visible but equally important changes going on below the surface, including the many social and emotional changes that girls and boys both experience. This clip covers methods of managing mood swings, the onset of sexual feelings and the natural curiosity to explore one’s changing body.

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episode 6

Who Are You?

Going through puberty is challenging. But overcoming challenges brings new skills and strengths. At the end of puberty, not only do we have a bigger (and hairier and smellier!) body, but also newfound independence, resilience and courage to take into adulthood. This video recaps the wild ride of puberty and celebrates the achievement of coming through the other side.

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Try out the Next Stop, Puberty! interactive video

See for yourself how ClickView interactive videos work. By incorporating a layer of inbuilt questions or problems to a video, interactives help test and track student understanding. Different question types include completing the missing word, giving a short answer or identifying true or false options.


episode 2

From Child to Adult: Interactive

In this interactive video, students will respond to eight questions about some of the changes they are likely to experience during puberty and the ways that these changes might impact their bodies and emotions.

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How can I use this series in my classroom?

Here are three ways you could use this series in your classroom:

  1. As an introductory video to develop understanding and comfortability for both you and your students.
  2. Following a pre-test to determine what your students already know about puberty (formative task).
  3. Activities in the resources focus on collaboration, to improve skills such as listening and communicating, and respect for others’ ideas, beliefs and experiences.

What are the educational outcomes for students?

By watching the Next Stop, Puberty! Series, students will:

  • Better understand the changes they and others will likely experience when they go through puberty.
  • Better understand why these changes occur.
  • Have a range of strategies they can use to manage the changes and challenges associated with puberty.
  • Develop acceptance, understanding and empathy for others.
  • Feel reassured and empowered to manage their unique changes and challenges for a feeling of ‘I’ve got this’.

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