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Hear from inspiring educators just like you from all across the UK. Watch the videos to discover how ClickView can transform understanding through video, streamline resource management, make lessons relevant for contemporary learners and more. More than 5,000 schools and colleges trust ClickView to engage their students. Find out why.

case study
Edinburgh College

Transforming learning for a breadth of performance-based subjects “Our experience with ClickView has gone from being on local desktops where students could access it in college but not at home, to being completely cloud-based, browser-based. Students can now access it on multiple platforms, including their phones.” The college has seen more staff engage with ClickView …

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case study
Glasgow Clyde College

Creating training screencasts for staff and flipping classrooms – all in a day’s work “At Glasgow Clyde College, we’ve had ClickView for a number of years,” explains Kenneth. “But the team felt it was important to try and push that further, so we could remain on the same wavelength as the students.” This decision led …

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case study
Newcastle and Stafford Colleges

Supporting staff to find great resources is now easier than ever In the past, Liz spent a lot of her resource budget on DVDs to enhance learning in various subjects at the college. DVDs that went missing, got scratched or ended up stuck on someone’s shelf. Now using ClickView, it’s so much easier for Liz …

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Teaching Strategies “Hugely beneficial in a number of different ways.”

Glasgow Clyde College staff use interactive videos to create transformative, active learning experiences. Built-in analytics also effectively track student progress and understanding.

content “A ready-made curriculum resource.”

Tupton Hall School has successfully combined ClickView’s collection of in-house educational videos, with those on the ClickView Exchange and original content created by staff.

Formative Assessment “Video is becoming more and more important to us.”

More and more staff at Edinburgh College continue to engage with ClickView using it for effective assessment, creating original content and easy access on multiple platforms.

Teaching Strategies “ClickView can have a profound effect on learning.”

Chesterfield College uses ClickView as a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Integration with Moodle is easy with the ClickView plugin.

tv “It will have a big impact on student understanding.”

The University of the West of Scotland loves ClickView TV for more focused, relevant lessons for media students. Their staff add, edit, embed and share clips from the latest TV programmes.