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Discover perfectly curated COP26 teaching resources, ideal for teaching students about the UN Climate Change Conference taking place this year in Glasgow.

These video and free teaching resources are designed to educate, engage, and inspire action.

What and when is COP26?

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference, which you may see be referred to as COP26 will be hosted by the UK, in Glasgow on 31 October to 12 November, 2021.

The aim of the COP26 summit is to bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Key details

When: 31 October -12 November, 2021
Where: Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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The Voices of Youth Activism

William Allen White, leader of the Progressive movement once said, “Youth should be radical. Youth should demand change in the world. Youth should not accept the old order if the world is to move on” and so, we’ll discover some of the most influential youth activists of today. The videos below will explore current youth activists and feature archival footage of the first Earth Day and clips of Greta Thunberg.

Environmental awareness and activism have existed for many decades, with the first Earth Day taking place in 1970. However, for many young people, witnessing the effects of the climate crisis firsthand has inspired them to step up and take action. Featuring commentary from young climate justice activists across the world, this powerful and important video is essential viewing for all global citizens. You can find supporting teacher resources below.

About the Activists

Learn more about the activists that appear in The Voice of Youth Activism video above. You can find supporting teacher resources below.

Scotland – Dylan Hamilton
Dylan Hamilton
John Paul Jose
Mitzi Jonelle Tan
Nyombi Morris
Ridhima pandey
Xiye Bastida
Ruby Bron

Downloadable resources

These downloadable resources support the Videos of Youth Activism video which take the form of comprehension and extension tasks (plus a suggested answers document). There’s also documents that support each activist that includes their biography, additional activities and suggested answers.

Getting Involved Download
Earth Day Download
Comprehension Questions Download
Dylan Hamilton Download
DIO Download
Suggested Responses Download
Ruby Bron Download
Mitzi Jonelle Tan Download
John Paul Jose Download
Ridhima Pandey Download
Nyombi Morris Download
Xiye Batisda Download
About the Activist Download

Videos for Change

Young people face a future that is complex and uncertain. They require skills that may not be taught in an increasingly crowded curriculum. Teachers want to help their students succeed in facing these challenges, yet they’re limited with time and resource to do so.

Videos for Change is a way for young people to develop confidence, practice social advocacy and build valuable 21st century skills they need for a better future. Videos for Change gives young people the opportunity to make one-minute videos on social issues that they care about.

Video for Change Global Competition
McCall MacBain Climate Action Award

  1. Junior Category Winners (ages 13 to 15)
  2. Senior Category Winners (ages 16 to 18)
Act Now. Don’t Talk!
The Clock is Ticking
Water for Life
Coat of Ash
Promises, Promises…
We Can Make a Change

Want to make your own Video for Change?

Students today are digital natives, so why not encourage them to take civil action through video? Here you’ll find free resources that will help you empower your students to create their very own video for change.

Top 4 Tips to Create a Video for Change
4 Tips to get Maximum Impact with Minimum Resources
Inspiring Social Change


Climate Change


Episode 01 - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Episode 01


The Solomon Islands and Australia - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
The Solomon Islands and Australia


Diving Into the Water Cycle


Energy and Resources - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Energy and Resources


Energy and the Environment - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Energy and the Environment


Extreme Weather


What is an Earthquake?


Introduction to Volcanoes


Think Twice about Waste


The 4 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Re-Use …


Air Pollution - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Air Pollution


Why Are Bees Important?


The Great Barrier Reef: Coral, Carbon… - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
The Great Barrier Reef: Coral, Carbon…


Extinction: The Facts - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Extinction: The Facts


Economics and Climate Change - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Economics and Climate Change


Environmental Impacts of Consumer… - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Environmental Impacts of Consu…


Ruth Callaghan: Co-Owner of UseLes… - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Ruth Callaghan: Co-Owner of Use…


Impactful Materials - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Impactful Materials


What Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
What Is the Fourth Industrial Revolu…


Testing Solutions - ClickView Video Resources thumbnail
Testing Solutions


BBC Landmark

BBC Landmark videos, also available now in your ClickView library, include high-quality, world-class documentaries and clips, including David Attenborough’s Planet Earth and Blue Planet, which have been purposely edited for educational purposes.

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