Remote teaching – thousands of videos, lesson plans, resources and quizzes

ClickView enhances teaching and learning, delivering powerful pedagogical outcomes through technology and video. Containing thousands of curriculum-aligned videos for primary and secondary schools, as well as further education settings, our content is professionally produced for students throughout the UK. Every video we produce comes complete with rich supporting educational resources, such as lesson plans, activities and worksheets. Assess your students formatively and remotely by adding an interactive layer of inbuilt questions or problems to any ClickView video.

Popular ready-made lessons for remote online teaching

Access ClickView’s top lesson plans below, perfect for students learning remotely at home. Our extensive collection of curriculum-aligned, rich video content and resources have been created to engage students and boost educational outcomes.

Whether you’re teaching English, Maths, History, Science or Performing Arts remotely, you’ll find hours of lesson ideas for a range of topics and concepts at all year levels. Accompanying teaching resources help support remote learning and student assessment, while saving you valuable time.

You can easily edit and share videos with the remote students in your class, including adding an interactive layer to test student understanding.

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Remote teaching senior primary
Remote teaching secondary history
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Remote teaching secondary english
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Remote teaching business studies FE
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Video tutorials for remote teaching

You now have access to a series of short tutorials that focus on how to use ClickView when teaching remotely. Whether you’re working with a single student or planning for a large absent cohort, these practical tips will help you support student engagement and educational outcomes, despite distance. Watch more tutorials on the new Teaching Remotely Training Channel.

Searching for content on ClickView
How to play and share a video in ClickView
How to save and share a pre-made interactive (quiz based) video

Teaching resources available remotely

Maintain learning structure and engagement with your students with our supporting resources, including lesson plans, teacher packs, interactive videos, activities and worksheets, available with the majority of videos that we produce and license.

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Get free tips for teaching online with Teaching Online Masterclass (TOM)

For support and practical strategies to teach online or incorporate blended learning with confidence, check out TOM. In this free self-paced video course for educators, you’ll hear from experienced educators, academics and industry professionals in 50 + short, engaging videos. Get actionable tips to implement straight away in your online classes.

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Webinars – how to teach remotely and more

These are short, easy-to-follow training sessions designed to help you and your students get the most out of ClickView. Topics include remote teaching, high impact teaching strategies, and monitoring student engagement and progress with interactive videos.

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Download the new ClickView iPhone/iPad App

The ClickView app provides you and your students with an easy-to-use, inventive educational experience. Access interactive videos and create your own from anywhere, at any time – even when offline or away from the classroom. It’s the perfect remote teaching software to have at your fingertips.

ClickView FAQs

Our ClickView Advisors and Product Specialists are on hand to help make your experience as seamless as possible. For any further support, please visit our Help Centre.

How do I change video ratings on videos so students can access them?
Using their ClickView Online administrator account, admins can change video ratings, allowing students to access content.
Follow this: step-by-step guide
How do I set up student accounts?
Admins can easily create and manage student ClickView accounts within their ClickView Online account administration. Use this step-by-step guide for more information on creating ClickView Online staff and student accounts.
How do I increase Workspace storage for staff or students?
Within the Workspace Management tool, admins can adjust the quota size they want users to have. It’s not possible to set storage caps for individual users. Instead, these must be set per user category. For example, all students are set to 1GB. Use this step-by-step guide to adjust Workspace storage settings.
I can’t see my school/college in the drop-down menu when I log in.
We’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues logging into ClickView.

Please provide us with the email address you’re trying to log in with and the full name of your school or college.
How do I share ‘rated’ content with students? For example, sharing a 15+ rated video with senior students?
You can do this in one of two ways. You can modify the year group rating or add the video to a playlist and share the link with students.

  1. To modify the year group rating, use this guide.
  2. Follow the steps in this guide to create and share playlists with students.
How do I remove a staff member or student from a past school ClickView account and add them to their current school?
We can arrange this for you. Email us at with the following details:
  1. Email address
  2. Past school or college name
  3. New school or college name