ClickView 360° Videos

ClickView 360° Videos

Immersive learning by ClickView

We strongly believe that education cannot be led by technology, but rather that technology must be led by education. Educational 360° videos are our next step in realising that vision.

360° videos provide an opportunity for educators to utilise exciting advances in technology and immerse students in a virtual learning space that will engage all students.

Without leaving the classroom, students encounter a completely new environment where they can better focus on the learnings and key concepts of the video – perfect for enriching a topic and fostering deeper inquiry questioning.

ClickView 360 Video

Designed with British schools in mind

The ClickView 360° Videos are linked to the National Curriculum in England to support your lesson plans.

In our first 360° videos, your students will:

  1. Experience cruising on a 19th century ship, The Enterprize
  2. Take a guided, informative tour of a large recycling facility
  3. Sit amongst an Irish band as they perform using traditional instruments
  4. Meet the characters from JB Priestley’s stage play, ‘An Inspector Calls’

The videos complement our existing or upcoming ClickView Original Series and are therefore perfect for fostering curious learners.

ClickView 360 Video

Let us know if you need a headset

To support your use of 360° videos in the classroom, we have produced a limited quantity of ClickView headsets for you to purchase. Order headsets for your students to use with the ClickView app. If your school does not subscribe to ClickView yet, please get in touch with us at

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ClickView 360 Video

Excited? Let’s get started

The ClickView 360° Videos are part of the latest version of the ClickView app available via the App Store or Google Play.

Once you have installed the ClickView app, download the videos you want to watch, this will allow smoother playback and offline viewing.

ClickView 360 Video

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