Introducing the new Playlists – available now

2 mins read
Joe Pour

Playlists have recently been improved for ClickView users. Playlists have always been a great way to share lists of video resources with students or colleagues. And now, they’re even better.

We took a good look at the user interface and we’re confident these updates will make Playlists easier to understand and use with your classes. Our new playlists are available for all customers who are either using Library Editor or are no longer using ClickView Publisher.

What’s changed?

You’ll notice three key benefits in the new and improved Playlists.

  1. You can now reorder videos in a playlist.
  2. You can now select auto-play, which will play an entire playlist in order.
  3. Playlists have been given a new and improved user interface (UI), making it easier for you to navigate.

Let’s explore the new Playlists upgrade in more detail.

New and improved display

Currently, Playlists display like this:

playlists - old

With the new and improved display, here’s how they look in the upgrade. We know you’ll find this layout much easier to navigate so you can find the video you’re looking for.

playlists - new

Drag and drop videos with ease

We’ve enabled reordering, so you can drag and drop items in your playlist to change the order the videos play. Hover over the video you wish to move and click on the ‘handle’ to drag it to a new spot in your list.

playlists - drag and drop

Auto-play is now available

You can now auto-play a playlist. When playing a video from your playlist, ClickView will display the other videos in your playlist in the right navigation, so you can easily switch between videos.

If you’d rather not enable auto-play, that’s up to you. Whatever you choose, ClickView will remember your preference for next time.

playlists - autoplay

How can I access the new Playlists?

If you’re already using Library Editor, you don’t need to do anything. You’ve been automatically updated. Head to Playlists in ClickView to explore the new features.

What if I’m still using Publisher?

You’ll need to upgrade to Library Editor first, then you’ll have access to this exciting Playlists update. Upgrade to Library Editor.

We’d love to know what you think of the new Playlists. What are your favourite features? What would you like to see in the next update? You can get in touch with us via email to share your feedback.