Why we entrust TrilbyTV to look after our customers’ digital signage requirements

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Evan Clark

When customers ask me about my opinion of TrilbyTV, I sum up their service in just three words: Focus. Passion. Competency. They are focused on their goals, passionate about education, and highly competent and skilled when it comes to digital signage for education.

In June of 2014, we released a simple digital signage add-on to the ClickView platform – aimed solely at allowing staff users to create sequences of auto-playing video and images to be displayed on screens located around a school or college campus.

As expected, the launch of ClickView’s digital signage add-on opened the “requirements floodgates”, and we quickly realised that our ‘lean’ digital signage offering was not going to meet the full spectrum of signage needs of our customers.

In June of 2016, I was fortuitously introduced to TrilbyTV by James Cross (of MediaCore fame).

I was immediately struck by the TrilbyTV team’s passion and focus on creating an education-centric digital signage platform which would be effectively adopted by staff once purchased/implemented. I’ve seen my share of abandoned (and very expensive) digital signage products in schools and colleges around the United Kingdom – hence TrilbyTV’s mission immediately struck a chord with me.

Having closely followed the TrilbyTV product and their team for over the last 8 months, I’m convinced that they’re the real deal. TrilbyTV is a simple-to-use and affordable product – and it runs nicely alongside ClickView. For this reason, we made the decision to entrust TrilbyTV to look after our customers’ digital signage requirements, while we devote our attention and resources to the key strengths of ClickView.

TrilbyTV iOS App

Our customers agree. ClickView customers who have since moved their use of digital signage to TrilbyTV were quickly impressed with the transition and the TrilbyTV service.

If you’ve out-grown ClickView’s ‘lean’ digital signage offering and are now ready to jump on-board a focused digital signage roadmap, then I strongly recommend that you check out TrilbyTV.

Evan Clark
ClickView CEO
T: @EvanClark