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Alice Donaldson

What is a computer? In the first episode of our brand new coding series students will learn why computers were invented, the different parts of a computer, the role of the CPU, and the four functions that every computer performs.

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Computers are all around us, but how can we teach our students to understand them?

From learning binary to creating computer algorithms, join Polly, Paul and their robot friend Algo as they breakdown computational language, thinking and concepts. This 10-part series provides teachers with the tools and resources to support students’ computer programming journey.

Each short episode is concise, engaging and packed with fun – ideal for young learners. With a comprehensive student activity booklet and interactive lessons, this series will provide both teachers and students with support and structure whether learning at school or remotely. Check it out today to begin understanding the computing world around us.

Watch episodes 1-5 now

Stay tuned for the next half of the series to be released later this year.

Happy Coding!

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What is a computer teacher pack 

Series: Miniclips
Production Year: 2020
Audience: Primary
Subject: Information and Communications Technology

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