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“ClickView did exactly what we wanted; it delivered curriculum content, it delivered the ability to put our own content on there, and it delivered it in a way that was perfect…”

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Holmwood House Preparatory School

Holmwood House Preparatory School

Alexander Mitchell, Headmaster

“ClickView sits extremely well alongside our Learning to Learn philosophy in which we aim to develop children’s independence, creativity and collaborative skills. With its ability to effortlessly communicate through Google Classroom, we are well on the way to expanding the children’s opportunities for increased ownership of learning in a thoroughly stimulating way. ClickView is like a goldmine!”

Truro School

Truro School

Mark Vanstone, Director of Studies

“Just over 5 years later, we are very happy with our decision. Not only are staff able to use it in the way we envisaged, but ClickView has evolved with technological changes over that time. Now, ClickView online is accessed through our Single Sign-On, RMUnify. Staff and pupils can access our full catalogue of videos, as well as free-to-view content contributed by schools.”

City of Westminster College

City of Westminster College

Esam Baboukhan, E-Learning Manager

“We can overlay the videos with formative assessment and track their progress. We have a much better chance of our learners completing independent work if it’s in the form of a video. We really like that some of the videos have teaching and learning resources attached to the videos, reducing the amount of prep work. Teachers love it and and we’ve only just scratched the surface.”


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