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As any teacher will attest, it’s exciting to witness young students achieving success in imaginative writing. It’s a skill that can be complex to teach and equally challenging for students to master. Here’s how Yasmeen’s recent success unfolded in her classroom.

Managing time and meeting student needs

Like most primary school teachers, Yasmeen has a demanding workload in a notoriously time poor profession. In addition, Yasmeen manages the demands of her role as Digital Coordinator of Cramond Primary School, a position that affords her the opportunity to understand and witness the impact that quality video content has on learning outcomes.

Yasmeen Naeem

“Video content within the classroom is essential with our children these days. They are digital natives and are used to having constant use of technology, whether it’s smart TVs, game consoles, iPads – they’ve always got them. We need to keep up with them, and make sure that their needs are met.”

Yasmeen Naeem
Principal & Digital Coordinator

“Video content within the classroom is essential with our children these days. They are digital natives, so they are used to having constant use of technology whether it’s smart TVs, game consoles, or devices such as iPads.”

Yasmeen wants to see her students succeed. The recent writing success in her classroom makes her certain of the impact quality video content can have on student learning.

“We need to keep up with them to make sure all their needs are met,” she adds.

Learning starts with quality content

Yasmeen describes how ClickView’s short specific video on poetic devices together with the lesson plans, resources and worksheets prompted deep student engagement with the content. Undeterred by the lockdowns in place at the time, Yasmeen cast ClickView at the centre of her flipped classroom approach.

“My learners watched the ClickView video before they came to an online virtual session with me,” she explained. “For these lessons, breakout rooms replaced the usual practice of students talking about their experiences prior to writing.”

It was at this point that the learning for Yasmeen’s students became poetry in motion.

“In the breakout rooms the students talked about poetic devices such as imagery, metaphors and personification.The poems that the students then wrote were absolutely fantastic!”

“It made me realise the true value of using ClickView”, Yasmeen adds.

Yasmeen Naeem Principal Teacher and Digital Coordinator at Cramond Primary School

Targeted content that drives engagement and results

Yasmeen is equally enthusiastic about the capacity of ClickView to target learning on particular outcomes to increase student engagement and deepen learning.

“Students completely engage with ClickView’s video content. I use it to get initial student discussion started on a new topic. It can be tailored to suit their needs so schools will definitely see an impact on learner engagement and an improvement in results in standardised and formative assessment”.

“As a teacher I am in control of what the learners are accessing by ensuring it’s relevant to the needs of that child according to where they are on their learning journey. Students can also have control and ownership of when they want to watch that video. They have content at their fingertips”.

“Learning doesn’t have to wait for an adult”, she says.

Content updates that are easy to access and safely shared

And nor do learning opportunities have to wait for a busy teacher to source, plan and double check content for safety and relevance. ClickView’s central bank of ready-made content for classes has dramatically reduced the workload of teaching staff at Cramond Primary.

“ClickView are constantly adding to their content. If it’s not a ClickView produced video, there’s BBC Bitesize and other reputable material. It can be easily shared for our learners in a safe environment.”

Yasmeen can see how ClickView slots in with the Edinburgh City Council 1-1 Device Strategy of Empowered Learning which will see Cramond School children given an iPad to facilitate safe digital learning.

“The video playlists created by teachers means that students can work from their iPad in a safe and secure environment.”

ClickView content, engaged learners and empowered learning. The future of imaginative writing is in good hands!