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Creating training screencasts for staff and flipping classrooms – all in a day’s work

“At Glasgow Clyde College, we’ve had ClickView for a number of years,” explains Kenneth. “But the team felt it was important to try and push that further, so we could remain on the same wavelength as the students.” This decision led to a concerted effort and plan to engage staff at the college, by increasing staff training options and raising awareness.

“My job in the Relearning Department at the college involves helping academic staff use technology in their teaching and learning. We might offer a face-to-face training course about getting started with ClickView, and some of the main features.” To reinforce what is taught to staff in professional learning, Kenneth and the team create screencast recordings on various topics. “It’s easy to make reasonably high-quality screencasts. We’ll simply talk through what we did in these training sessions in really short videos…and make these available to the lecturers.”

“I do a lot of ClickView training with staff and people can’t believe what’s on offer…they are astounded at the keyword search tool.” The intuitive nature of the search function allows users to bring up not just a title, but any of the content or speech that’s been stated in a particular programme. “All of a sudden, you’ve got a very subtle search tool that allows you to narrow stuff down quickly. If I can get in front of people and show them these features, they are quickly engaged.”

Staff at Glasgow Clyde College use video in various ways:

  • Lecturers new to ClickView may show a video to a class using a data projector and use it as a discussion prompt or basis for an activity.
  • Intermediate users source specific videos and build activities around them. They may make these videos interactive, to encourage students to answer specific questions.
  • More advanced users film student work for assessment or other purposes. Lecturers engaging in flipped learning environments may record and upload screen captures or particular content for student review prior to class.

The flipped classroom model works well for the college. “Our students are doing vocational courses. They need to see how the knowledge they’re learning in class transpires in real life.” Kenneth gives a recent example of how ClickView helped with this. “There’s a programme that we recorded about behind the scenes at Heathrow Airport. Clearly, we can’t simulate that in the classroom.” However, by recording that programme, and letting students see it before class, “it’s a brilliant way to stimulate a conversation.” The flipped classroom also allows college staff to make better use of class time.

Staff acknowledge the importance of implementing strong methodology when building lessons around ClickView resources. The interactive video feature allows tutors to push a video up onto a virtual learning environment, and track specific questions with their students. They can then begin a class with deep knowledge of existing subject understanding and also any learning gaps. “It’s almost like unsaid knowledge or intelligence,” explains Kenneth. “You can plan a more effective lesson.”

“Working with ClickView has been a really positive experience…it’s clear there’s a desire to work as a partnership.”

Kenneth Park
Senior Lecturer for Tourism Events and Aviation

“Student feedback has been really good. Students love to see the application of the theory and the real life practice. Video is a medium they feel comfortable with, so we need to get on board with that and present knowledge to them in this way.” Kenneth explains that around 15% of students at the college don’t have access to the Internet, or own a PC. “We know a lot of them are learning on their phones and ClickView presents very well on there.” Another advantage of the ClickView platform is that students don’t get the distractions of YouTube. Kenneth believes the clean interface of ClickView keeps them in the zone. “We’re dealing with 15 and 16-year-olds. They’re easily distracted. If we can remove those distractions from around the video and interface, that’s a win.”

“Working with ClickView has been a really positive experience. We’ve had a lot of face-to-face and technical support…and it’s clear there’s a desire to work as a partnership – your success is our success. We’re looking forward, as we drive on with ClickView, to developing that partnership further.”