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ClickView Plugin for MyLearning

The ClickView Plugin for MyLearning enables you to quickly and safely browse through your entire ClickView library, the ClickView Exchange and your own personal Workspace from within MyLearning.

This makes it easy to embed educational videos directly into your pages and share them with your students.

How do I search for and embed ClickView videos in MyLearning?

To search for ClickView videos in MyLearning, you need to provide MyLearning support with the RSS Feed URL from ClickView Manager. If you do not have your ClickView Manager details, please contact ClickView Support.

Once signed in to ClickView Manager, click the Library Management tab at the top and then the RSS Management tab. The RSS Feed URL available on this page should be sent to MyLearning support, who will then take care of the rest.

When the setup is complete, you’ll be able to search your ClickView videos and embed them in to MyLearning pages.

For more information on how to install this plugin, please contact us at support@clickview.co.uk

ClickView Plugin MyLearning