Respectful and Intimate Relationships

Free RSE teaching resources for secondary

Two outstanding series designed for senior secondary students and their teachers explores challenging and important issues surrounding respectful relationships, including sexual harassment, domestic violence, misogyny in pornography, pornography versus reality, and the sharing of intimate images.


Starting the conversation about respectful relationships

As an educator, you’re in the unique position of being able to facilitate important, and sometimes challenging conversations with your senior students. ClickView’s two original series, Respectful Relationships and Respectful Intimate Relationships series have been specifically designed to give you the tools and resources you need to teach these topics with confidence.

ClickView is committed to providing you with the resources you need to deliver age-appropriate and evidence-based respectful relationships education. These two series have been developed with subject experts to raise awareness of problematic behaviours among young people and create healthy attitudes towards sex and relationships.

Series 1 synopsis, Respectful Relationships:
During filming of a light-hearted production set in Victorian times, the dialogue and ‘real life’ conversations between actors and crew explore important topics including:

  • How social constructs around gender can contribute to sexist and homophobic attitudes, unreasonable expectations, and gender inequality.
  • The importance of enthusiastic consent and to respect others’ autonomy at all times.
  • Different levels of sexual harassment, from ‘just a joke’ banter that constitutes harassment, through to more overt examples of catcalling and physically invading personal space.
  • Domestic violence, including how abusive relationships often occur over time, and the important role of the bystander.

Series 2 synopsis, Respectful Intimate Relationships:
A cast and crew film a pirate-themed series about respectful intimate relationships. Through four episodes, they discuss and explore topics including:

  • How pornography is made for the ‘male gaze’.
  • Recognising and seeking help for pornography addiction.
  • The impact of non-consensual sharing of intimate images.
  • Privacy, sex shaming, revenge porn and victim blaming.
  • Misogyny and stereotypes in pornography.
  • The importance of consent and open conversations about sexual needs.

Equipping young people with media literacy and body safety skills

The two series designed for senior students (Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4) are supported by an excellent nine-part professional development series for educators. Discover both series free to share with your students. Each episode comes with printable resources to support the teaching and learning of respectful relationships in your classroom.

Free resources: Respectful Relationships and Respectful Intimate Relationships

With the growing need to teach these sensitive but important topics to young people, in line with the new RSE curriculum, we want to support all UK teachers.

Both series are freely available below for you to share with your students. Each episode comes with printable resources to support the teaching and learning of respectful relationships in your classroom.

Note: Both series discuss mature themes and are suitable only for senior students under supervision.

Respectful Relationship - ClickView


Respectful Relationships

4 videos | Secondary

During filming of a light-hearted production set in Victorian times, the dialogue and ‘real life’ conversations between actors and crew explore important topics within relationships.


Set around a film shoot featuring Victorian era socialites, this video clip focuses on consent in relationships. Through the film dialogue, and ‘real-life’ conversations between the actors and crew, it reinforces an important message about consent between couples. It is not just about the fact that “no” means “no”, but that not saying “yes” also means “no”.

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As we watch a scene being filmed where the arrival of a platypus triggers off debate between Victorian era scientists about the animal’s exact identity, we learn that one of the film crew is ‘genderqueer’. It gives rise to a discussion between others on the set about gender identity and explores how stereotyping about adherence to gender-based behavioural norms can challenge and confront conventional mindsets.

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Sexual Harassment

During the filming of a light-hearted production set in Victorian times, a scene portrays a man making an unwelcome advance to a woman. When the filming stops, we see that sexual harassment is also very much alive today in a whole range of situations. This clip explores sexual harassment through a scenario involving role reversal, delivering a poignant message about appropriate and respectful behaviour in relationships.

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Domestic Violence

During a film shoot depicting a rather macabre Victorian supper preparation procedure, we are also taken inside the private life of a couple involved in the production. Things are strained between them as we learn of an incident that occurred the night before. This clip reinforces the fact that domestic violence is never okay, and that both perpetrators and victims should seek help.

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Respectful Relationship - ClickView


Respectful Intimate Relationships

4 videos | Secondary

A cast and crew film a pirate-themed series about respectful intimate relationships.

Pornography v. Reality

While shooting a fight scene, boom operator Tim annoys the director and cast as he questions the realism of what they are filming. This leads to an in-depth conversation between the director and cast about if the sex acts depicted in pornographic films are real, how people learn about sex and issues to do with consent. This video is an ideal way to open discussions about the pornography industry with secondary students.

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Sharing Intimate Images

A scene showing Captain Terry’s reaction when a friend shares a picture of his ‘doodle’ sparks a deeper conversation between the cast members about the impact of non-consensual sharing of intimate images, privacy, sex shaming, revenge porn and victim blaming. The comedic style of this video enables senior secondary students to easily engage with the topics.

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Pornography and Addiction

Boom operator Tim becomes so distracted by his addiction to online pornography that his work on set begins to suffer. The director talks with him about acknowledging his problem and realising how much it controls his behaviour, then encourages him to talk to people he trusts to get help. The pirate-themed comic elements of the video help senior secondary students to fully explore the nature of addiction.

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Misogyny in Pornography

After a scene on the pirate ship where the characters argue over what ‘all’ women like, the cast and crew discuss how pornography is made for the ‘male gaze’. They explore ideas about misogyny and stereotypes in pornography and the importance of having open conversations with partners about sexual interests and needs. This video will help teachers introduce senior secondary students to important respectful relationships topics in an engaging manner.

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Teacher Guides for Respectful Intimate Relationships Series

Rebecca Jennins - ClickView
These short clips feature Rebecca Jennings, a leading UK Relationships and Sex Consultant in schools, and can support teachers with the delivery of respectful relationships content, in line with the new RSE curriculum. Rebecca covers topics such as how pornography blurs the line between fantasy and reality and how this can impact badly on relationships, as well as the dangers of sharing intimate images online.

Browse the teacher guides below

9 videos | Secondary

Pre-Teaching Support – Preparing Students

Rebecca provides advice to teachers about how to prepare students to discuss issues about pornography. This includes teachers and students developing a Working Together Agreement and talking to students about what they would like to learn.

Pre-Teaching Support – Parents and Teachers

In this video Rebecca provides advice to teachers regarding the issues to consider before delivering content to students about pornography. Topics include informing parents about lesson content and teachers understanding their role as a facilitator.

Why is Teaching About Pornography Important?

Rebecca argues that young people see pornography online, whether they seek it out or not. They are also interested in finding content about intimacy, so it important that they understand that pornography can provide unhelpful and stereotyped information about sex and relationships.

Supporting schools with the new RSE curriculum

Rebecca Jennins - ClickView
Rebecca Jennings, Sex and Relationships Education Expert

Writer and author, Rebecca Jennings has been working with children and young people in educational settings teaching sex and relationships education and sexual health initiatives for 17 years.

Rebecca explains why teaching respectful relationships is essential to a well-rounded education, and an important part of social and emotional development.

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Respectful Relationships - RSE Curriculum - ClickView

Your guide to the new PSHE Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum

We’ve put together a guide to help you transition to the new curriculum. It includes just a taste of the collection of world-class teaching and learning video titles available on ClickView. When it comes to relationships and sex education, ClickView produces the highest quality teaching and learning resources. These are ideal for supporting schools and educators in the delivery of new mandatory RSE curriculum. With the understanding that there are challenges when it comes to teaching RSE content, we want you to know we’re here to support you.

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PSHE RSE Curriculum - ClickView

Get everything you need to know about the new series

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