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Physics of Collisions


This programme offers insights into the stylistic devices employed by Dickens to great effect in the novel Great Expectations. Learn more about the characteristics and writing style that…

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Cells and Their Organelles

In-Depth with Cells

Earth’s diverse climate and weather patterns are predominantly governed by global atmospheric circulation and ocean currents. This programme looks at different atmospheric phenomena, including the global circulation model and how heating and cooling is driven by wind, air pressure systems…

Episode 1: The Atom with the Golden Electron

Atom Bond

Agent Gold is assigned to investigate Project D, headed by Carbon who has trained millions of other atoms to develop this secret plan. Together with Oxygen and Fluorine, Gold penetrates Carbon’s secret school and finds atoms being drilled about bonding – vital information for Project D.

Physics of Collisions


This clip features many examples of collisions, and examines how applying Newton’s Laws of Motion, principles of energy and measuring variable quantities enable us to understand and predict the behaviour of colliding objects. It is an ideal resource for senior level physics students.

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