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This library includes 1,365 additional titles available when you upgrade from the ClickView library to the Curriculum Library PLUS.

It covers even more curriculum outcomes to support the National Curriculum for England and gives your teachers a wider choice of educational resources to enhance their lesson plans.

The Curriculum Library PLUS has been curated by our content team and produced by the world’s best educational providers such as Disney Educational Productions and more.

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Latest Series and Titles from ClickView

Chasing White Air

Chasing the White Air

Blue and white at 1,000 frames a second, this feel-good doco captures the emotion and adrenaline of the real-time two seconds in the air that these extreme athletes seek.

Shedding Light on Atoms

Shedding Light on Atoms

The Shedding Light on Atoms series gives students the perfect introduction to the world of atoms. Each episode gives a deeper look into the intricate elements of materials and how they are grouped accordingly within the periodic table.

Debating Energy Futures

Debating Energy Futures: Coal, Gas and Nuclear

With case studies from the US, the UK, China and India, this program asks how important coal, gas and nuclear will be in the future global energy mix. Find out what is being done to clean up coal, the dirtiest of all fossil fuels.

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