ClickView TV Guide: The best educational Freeview programmes

ClickView TV Guide: The best educational Freeview programmes

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Freeview TV is full of educationally-valuable content, readily available for use in the classroom. However it’s hard to keep an eye on all the upcoming programmes and know what to incorporate in lesson plans. Let ClickView do this for you.

Every two weeks, our ClickView Curators will handpick the best upcoming educational programmes, covering a range of subjects and learning areas, to form your fortnightly TV Guide.

The TV Guide will highlight the best resources in advance to help librarians and teaching staff prepare for lessons.

The best part: The ClickView TV Guide is a free service that we are offering to all the educators, including schools and institutions that don’t subscribe to ClickView.

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Educational programmes sourced from Freeview

Popular educational programmes

Inside the Factory

Inside the Factory

Tea Bags: Documentary series. Gregg Wallace receives some tea leaves from Kenya and follows them through the factory that produces one quarter of all the tea drunk in Britain.

Planet Earth II

Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics

Making Sound: Dr Helen Czerski investigates the science behind the sounds we’re familiar with and the sounds that we normally can’t hear, from Big Ben to Stromboli.

Testing Teachers

The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in an Oscar-nominated role as Alan Turing, the socially awkward mathematician, WWII code-breaker and father of the modern computer.