Exploring and developing primary students’ wellbeing

Wellbeing is fundamental for a happy and healthy life. This new six-part Miniclips series explores the different aspects of wellbeing and provides young students with the tools they need to feel great mentally, physically and emotionally.

Wellbeing: Resilience

Have you ever been knocked down and found it difficult to get back up again? Or had something happen that was really tough to deal with and not known how to cope with it? This Miniclip explores different ways to help develop your resilience, and teaches you how to understand your challenging emotions better. Once you can understand emotions and resilience, you’ll be able to bounce back in the face of adversity!

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Audience: Middle-Senior Primary
Subject: PDHPE

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New Miniclips Exploring Wellbeing!

Resilience is one episode in our six-part series exploring children’s wellbeing. Learn about some more episodes below:


Confidence is a concept that you might struggle with—so how can you improve it? This Miniclip follows Pablo as he navigates his confidence and self-esteem in a range of contexts. By following five simple tips, you’ll see how setting goals, celebrating differences, persevering, and being constructive (instead of destructive!) will help you train your brain to be more confident!

Healthy Habits

People are always telling us to be healthy–but what does that actually mean? This Miniclip follows Maya as she learns how to create healthy habits involving her diet, sleep, physical activity, spending less time on her devices, and the value in finding a balance.


Good relationships help you to be happy and healthy. They provide positive experiences and a supportive network, which help to boost confidence. But what does a good relationship look like? And what can you do if you’re experiencing a negative relationship? This Miniclip follows Chloe as she explores the characteristics of good and bad relationships, the benefits of surrounding herself with “superstars”, and practical tips on dealing with negative relationships.