What is the point of
technology, without great content?

Educators need engaging content coupled with powerful technology. With an emphasis on teaching and learning ClickView helps you deliver educational videos to your staff.

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Seamless integration with your existing VLE and LMS

Easily create video-based assignments by embedding videos directly in your existing VLE and LMS.

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Key Benefits for IT Professionals

ClickView provides deep integrations, powerful connectivity, and ease of use for your staff.

Easy to use platform

  • ClickView takes care of all your curation work for you but still allows you to customise as much as you need.
  • ClickView’s Library Editor places all your administrative tasks conveniently in one place. Easily add, manage, and customise your video library.
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A seamless cloud-based solution

  • ClickView’s cloud-based solution provides a simple, fast, and easy experience for administrators, staff, and students. Our light weight solution allows you to manage, curate, and share your library content in minutes.
  • ClickView integrates with most LMS and VLE systems, giving educators access to our curriculum-aligned video content.
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Easily access ClickView using your existing credentials

  • ClickView integrates with your Single Sign-On identity provider, ensuring staff don’t need to remember multiple passwords.
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Take away the essential information

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Why choose ClickView?

ClickView gives users the ability to create interactive content from the huge library of video content they have and can also upload; together with the analytics tools, it allows for flipped lessons to be meaningful, focused and engaging. A key point for us in choosing ClickView is the integration with our VLE.

Bury Grammar has used ClickView for many years. The wealth of existing resources available and the fact you can upload and view content in a safe and secure manner makes it an invaluable teaching and learning tool when you compare it against other video platforms. ClickView removes a lot of overhead from the IT team.

ClickView has helped to revolutionise the use of video in our classrooms here at Bridgend College. In particular, the ability to add interactive layers to high-quality TV programmes has added a new dynamic to the way our students can learn.

We find it integrates well with our online learning environment and provides the opportunity to easily create interactive videos in the weekly group tutorial pages within our Moodle VLE. Combining this with the ability to save programmes shown on television has made it very popular for staff who regularly search for videos to use in an interactive way.

The team from ClickView have supported us all the way, from implementation through to training and engagement, helping to ensure that our staff and students get the best use of the rich features on offer.

Just over 5 years later, we are very happy with our decision. Not only are staff able to use it in the way we envisaged, but ClickView has evolved with technological changes over that time. Now, ClickView is accessed through our Single Sign-On, RMUnify. Staff and pupils can access our full catalogue of videos, as well as free-to-view content contributed by schools.

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