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Make video an active learning experience

Educational videos and online learning platforms played a vital role in keeping learning on track during the past two disrupted academic years. Life will be disrupted for some time yet, so some schools are adopting a hybrid remote-in class teaching model to create a more consistent learning experience and keep staff and students safe.

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Why video?

Video improves recall, understanding and motivation

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that students love video – social media like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, and massive video platforms like YouTube dominate their social lives and leisure time.

But does it really work beyond remote learning?

Yes! The research confirms that video improves how learners receive and process information and engage with their subjects by bringing vision, sound and text together in an easy to consume way. Read our blog post to find out more.

Create engaging, informative lessons,
wherever your students are

Introduce new topics, inspire discussion, set relevant work using ready-to-download
resources and keep learners motivated using a medium they love.

ClickView makes lesson planning easy

Plan lessons in minutes with downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, class activities and quizzes

Set up libraries by topic or lesson with your favourite videos, interactive clips, lesson plans and worksheets so you can use them each year

Make watching a video an active experience when you introduce new topics or extend learning by pausing to ask the class questions, run a quiz or instigate discussions

Set extension work using ClickView clips and interactive quizzes for students to complete on their own devices in groups to leaves you free to deliver a differentiated learning experience for other students

Best of all – your students already love learning using video, so are sure to welcome it whether at home or in the classroom.

lesson planning - ClickView
Seamless teaching - ClickView

ClickView makes hybrid teaching seamless

Life will be disrupted for some time yet, so some schools are adopting a hybrid remote-in class teaching model to create a more consistent learning experience and keep staff and students safe.

ClickView can make this model operate seamlessly for your school by:

  • integrating with your VLE or LCS to deliver video content and quiz results without a separate login
  • giving students a familiar interface where they can easily find information, assessment tasks and videos
  • allowing you deliver classes on a single platform, whether your learners are in the classroom, at home, or both

ClickView makes formative assessments easy and enjoyable

What if formative assessments didn’t have to feel like a burden – for students or teachers?

ClickView’s interactives take the stress out of formative assessments by:

  • allowing you to insert multiple choice, true or false, missing word and even short answer questions into relevant points in a video or clip
  • testing student’s knowledge and understanding of a topic or concept while they are watching a video
  • marking single-answer question types for you and providing in-depth analytics that combine viewing habits with engagement and quiz scores

Having formative assessments that are so quick to deliver and mark enables you to practice evidence-based teaching with little effort: just set the test, access the analytics suite for the results and plan future lessons to remedy knowledge gaps using our downloadable resources.

formative assessment - ClickView
flipped learning - ClickView

Switch on flipped learning in a flash for virtual and in-person classes

ClickView is the perfect tool for flipped learning as it:

  • offers simple clip editing and sharing options so you can set students a video or shorter clip with interactive quizzes for homework either via their VLE or the ClickView student portal
  • provides you with analytics that show which learning areas you need to spend time on in class
  • allows you to create a lesson plan that extends on the concepts explained in the video using worksheets and classroom activities devised by our education experts

ClickView’s tools and resources are ideal if you’re keen to try flipped learning for the first time, or when you are simply stretched for time during periods of remote learning.

ClickView has empowered educators and students worldwide with engaging video-led learning experiences.

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Scott Hayden

Digital Innovation Specialist/Lecturer Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT)

“ClickView augments our brilliant teachers’ use of meaningful flipped and blended learning opportunities across all subjects at BCoT.”

Yasmeen Naeem

Principal Teacher
Cramond Primary School

“Video content within the classroom is essential for our children these days, they’re digital natives so they’re used to the constant use of technology and we need to keep up with them and ensure their needs are met through technology.”

Jonathan Bishop

Broadclyst Primary School

“ClickView provides us with high-quality video curriculum content with built-in interactive quizzes, saving our teachers planning time, enhances lesson delivery and engages our learners.”

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