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WARNING: This film contains footage that may be distressing for some viewers. Teacher discretion is advised. Is it acceptable to kill animals for fashion? From the makers of award-winning films 'Cowspiracy' and 'What the Health', 'Slay' follows filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli’s journey around the world to uncover the dark side of the fashion industry. Rebecca's investigation into the animal skins trade unravels a harrowing story of greenwashing, mislabeling, animal cruelty and cover-ups from some of the world's major luxury fashion brands. 'Slay' provides an in-depth and eye-opening look into the realities of today’s fashion industry while pointing the way towards viable and sustainable alternatives. Are you ready to get under fashion’s skin?

Rating: MA15+
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 1hrs & 26min
Printable Resources: Yes

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