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Thriving Remotely

Cutting Edge Communication

Thriving Remotely is an important video, especially since the COVID pandemic meant more of us are working from home. Remote teams can get things done efficiently and individuals can thrive working from their homes. Managers and staff have had to adapt to this new normal. Setting basic rules will ensure that people not only perform at their best when they are working remotely but they are engaged and thriving. In this Thriving Remotely video you will learn to manage and thrive remotely by being accountable, focusing on outcomes, staying connected and energized and communicating effectively Managers need to help their people succeed – whether face to face or working virtually. It helps to set basic rules for remote work, monitoring productivity and harnessing energy levels. Stick to agreed work hours and milestones, and keep co-workers and managers informed about what you are doing. Have clear timeframes for completing work.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 8 min
Series: Cutting Edge Communication
Printable Resources: Yes

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