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How Your Food Works: Part 1


With a team including a chef, chemist and dietician, this fun and fascinating 2-part series take a closer look at the foods we all love, with some surprising results. Exploring the latest scientific research behind how they are grown, processed or cooked, the series illustrates that understanding how food works can help us eat healthier (and tastier!). The first episode profiles a variety of one of the world’s most popular fruits, the banana, currently under threat of extinction from a fungal disease. Visiting the scientists cultivating new varieties of disease resistant bananas, it appears that the perfect combination of flavour and texture is within their sights. The traditional craft of fruit preservation is supersized in the production of canned baked beans – and the team uncovers whether or not the process can actually increase the nutritional value of some canned goods. Physics and biology come into play in the science behind cooking the perfect medium-rare steak. A world of cascading chemical reactions is unveiled in a revolutionary new experiment that looks at how to get the flavour and texture of your steak just right.

Rating: G
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 57 min
Series: Catalyst

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