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Hannah: Eating Disorders

Woven Threads: Stories from Within

Hannah is young woman full of life, enthusiasm and a smile that is infectious. If you met her on the street you would never guess the challenges she has faced in her young life. During this episode, Hannah shares some of her journey with us: the frightening realisation that she had an eating disorder, the courage with which she immediately faced it and the years that followed until she hit rock bottom. ​ After moving in with her dad when home with her mum became unsafe, Hannah developed multiple eating disorders all while training and completing the Kokoda Trail as a teenager, completing high school and fashion college. Surrounded by supportive friends and her father, Hannah still struggled and eventually left home. With financial help from her mum, Hannah found a retreat which was the beginning of her recovery. ​ Hannah shares her story with courage and honesty. She works for an organisation called endED, which helps people living with eating disorders.

Rating: PG
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 6 min
Series: Woven Threads: Stories from Within
Printable Resources: Yes

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