Tertiary Catalogue

Emma: Trauma, Adoption, Disordered Eating and PTSD

Woven Threads: Stories from Within

Emma was adopted at six weeks old and always knew she was adopted. When Emma was three, her family adopted another baby girl. As kids they were inseparable but as they grew older they started to see the world differently. Emma lacked a sense of self and developed disordered eating as a way of coping with that and the world around her. Emma shares how she navigated the emptiness she felt, her depression, abusive relationships and trauma around an attachment disorder. Emma is now a Peer Worker, Peer supervisor and Trainer in mental health. Emma explains how seeing her life through the lens of trauma changed life completely.

Rating: PG
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 5 min
Series: Woven Threads: Stories from Within
Printable Resources: Yes

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