Tertiary Catalogue

Peter: Anxiety, Depression and Work Stress

Woven Threads: Stories from Within

Pete grew up on a farm in New South Wales, Australia. His father was a farmer and all he ever wanted to do was follow his dad around and be a farmer too. After school, Pete went to another farm and learnt about sheep farming, eventually bringing this knowledge back to his dad. As a result, they started to raise sheep as well. Pete’s dad got sick while he was still young, and this bought him home to the family farm sooner than expected. He had learnt a lot about managing the property from his dad and other farmers, but he couldn't have learnt about the stress that comes with experiencing a prolonged drought. Pete struggled to sleep, he was irritated with his wife and couldn’t make decisions. The stress started to get too high and he didn’t know if he would ever get over it. Pete realised that there was help and support available and visited his doctor. He also learnt how challenges can lead to creative solutions.

Rating: PG
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 5 min
Series: Woven Threads: Stories from Within
Printable Resources: Yes

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