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Episode 3: The Discovery of Atoms

Shedding Light on Atoms

The Shedding Light on Atoms series gives students the perfect introduction to the world of atoms. Using amazing demonstrations and animations we take students on a journey of discovery to explain not just what we know about atoms, but also how we know what we know about atoms! In Episode 3, The Discovery of Atoms, we demonstrate (using copper) how elements can join together to form compounds and how compounds can be broken back down into the individual elements that make them up. We take a look at the first (fairly) accurate list of elements ever published and explore the Law of Conservation of Mass. We crush some aluminium cans to show students what causes air pressure and then explain, using lots of different examples, the experiments that led directly to the discovery of atoms.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2014
Duration: 26 min
Series: Shedding Light on Atoms
Printable Resources: Yes

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