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Economic Factors

Impacts on Tourism

Tourism is a major global industry. As travel and visitation to so many parts of the world becomes increasingly accessible to more people, the industry continues to grow – not just in traditionally popular destinations but also in a growing number of emerging locations. Because it is such a significant part of the global economy, a range of economic factors can have a major impact on the health and viability of the industry in different parts of the world. This film looks at the economic factors that impact on the tourism industry. Featuring a presenter, street interviews and expert commentary from Francis Mulleady from the University of Westminster, it covers supply and demand, elasticity and economic dependency, exchange rates and inflation, and the industry’s contribution to employment, the balance of payments, infrastructure, products and services, and leisure development. It also looks at some adverse economic impacts of tourism.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2012
Duration: 21 min
Series: Impacts on Tourism
Printable Resources: Yes

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