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Because Money Still Matters: Living Expenses

The cost of living is something we are faced with all our lives, and there are so many complex factors that impact on it. For young people who are studying or working full-time, often keeping abreast of everything that affects how much money they have to, or choose to, spend can be overwhelming. This production covers a range of factors that contribute to living expenses, and looks at the decoding of payslips, the different types of taxation, how inflation impacts on the value of income, mortgages, and a range of typical expenses encountered when first moving out of home. A presenter, together with interview grabs from Jasmine Birtles, Editor of and HSBC Bank Manager, Jane Grant, deliver highly valuable information and advice to any young person about planning for, and coping with, living expenses.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2012
Duration: 19 min
Printable Resources: Yes

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