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Bad management skills can be a costly drain on time and money, causing frustration and stress for everyone concerned. Through use of certain techniques, project leaders can learn how to better manage their team, and so meet the project's objectives. Similarly, quality is one of the most important factors in the success of any organisation. It’s essential, not optional, and it’s something that as customers we all expect from our suppliers. So why is it we often get stuck when we try to deliver total quality to our customers? Chapter 1: Defining a Project. When defining a project you must define the project and team, check you have the necessary skills, and put it on paper. Chapter 2: Planning a Project. To effective plan a project you should write a project plan, allocate resources, set roles and responsibilities, and set milestones. Chapter 3: Implementing a Project. When implementing a project you should keep everyone informed, ensure you don't hide problems, and don't blame - instead correct. Chapter 4: Controlling Quality. To control quality you should define quality, control quality, and communicate quality.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2015
Duration: 8 min
Series: Workplace Essentials
Printable Resources: Yes

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