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Customer Service Essentials

It’s often said that Customer Service isn’t a department, it’s an attitude. The behaviour of front-line staff defines the reputation of any organisation – big or small – which makes it all the more important to get it right. Help your customer service team to give your customers a reason to stay loyal post-purchase. Chapter 1: Company and Product Loyalty. To the customer, you are the organisation, so don’t rubbish the company. You are key to building the customer’s faith in the organisation so be proud of where you work and what you do. Chapter 2: Team and Customer Loyalty. You are part of a team, so be loyal to your colleagues - support them and what they do. Be loyal to your customers too, you are not there to judge them and it will help you get the best for them.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2015
Duration: 5 min
Series: Customer Service Essentials
Printable Resources: Yes

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