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It’s often said that Customer Service isn’t a department, it’s an attitude. The behaviour of front-line staff defines the reputation of any organisation – big or small – which makes it all the more important to get it right. Help your customer service team to handle all kinds of difficult customers. Chapter 1: Mr Rude. Never go into battle with a rude customer, that’s just what they want you to do. Don’t surrender either. Stand your ground, be polite and neutral. Chapter 2: Mrs Arrogant. Don’t get cheesed off with arrogant customers. Be respectful. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they want to be seen. Avoid confrontation and awkwardness by being tactful. Chapter 3: Mr Chatty. If you have a chatty customer, use closed questions to keep them on subject, and don’t give up – even if they do drive you up the wall. Chapter 4: Mrs Picky. Never rush a picky customer. Understand the reason behind their need for extra detail. Use your product knowledge to give them a clear picture and if you don’t know, offer to find out. Try and remain friendly.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2015
Duration: 11 min
Series: Customer Service Essentials
Printable Resources: Yes

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