Tertiary Catalogue

Part 1: Post-War Boom and Bust

The Great Depression

The Great Depression had its roots in the First World War. The efforts of various countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia and several in Europe, to make the transition from war economies to more normal market conditions are examined. This programme covers the post-war boom in manufacturing and wheat production in the USA and Canada; the prosperous 'Roaring Twenties'; the effects of severe drought conditions in North America; the economic, agricultural, and societal conditions that led to the 'Crash of '29'. The programme uses archival film and images to clearly depict the struggle of ordinary people to survive. It concludes with the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the U.S., and his goal of returning confidence to the American people.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2004
Duration: 30 min
Series: The Great Depression
Printable Resources: Yes

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