Secondary Catalogue

Ethnic Dance: Tibet

The Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance

Living on the Plateau, at an average elevation of over 12 thousand feet above sea level, the Tibetan people are known to be compassionate, bold, candid and devout. Most Tibetans practice Tibetan Buddhism. Just as the distinctive geographical and weather conditions in the region have influenced their dance movements, Tibetans sacred religious beliefs and political climate have also had an impact. This programme combines both Tibetan folk dance and stage dance performances of The Song of the Emancipated Serfs choreographed by Xu Xiaoping of China Central University for Nationalities and Tibetan Mystery choreographed by Yang Liping (also lead dancer). In addition, Madam Yang provides insight into her artistic and casting choices for Tibetan Mystery.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2016
Duration: 10 min
Series: The Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance

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