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Classic Dance: Long Sleeve

The Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance

This programme provides an overview of the historical development of Long Sleeve Dance, a dance form dating back to the 7th century BCE, a time that is known as the Spring-and-Autumn period in Chinese history. It introduces a some of the codified language of Long Sleeve Dance. Highlighted are the Long Sleeve Dance performances titled The Colours of Water choreographed by Wang Yukun and Miao Xiaolong and Zhao Jun Departs the Frontier choreographed by Jiang Huaxuan. In Zhao Jun Departs the Frontier, Liu Min, a nationally acclaimed dance master, employs exquisite language of Long Sleeve to convey the conflicted emotions of Zhao Jun (one of "The Four Beauties" known in Chinese History) as she leaves her homeland and lavish lifestyle for the grasslands of the remote north as part of peace treaty. The dance tells an ancient story of loyalty, heroism and self-sacrifice for the common good.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2016
Duration: 10 min
Series: The Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance

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