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Conductor and Strings

The Orchestra

Bobby is a zany and enthusiastic young musician who wants to join the orchestra. But Strauss the Conductor must teach him a thing or two about the orchestra first... Through the antics of these two engaging puppet characters we gain an insight into the conductor and string section of the orchestra. We explore the history and development of ancient chordophones to the modern day violin, viola, cello, double bass and harp. We see these instruments in action and hear their sound qualities, exploring a range of playing techniques and varying timbres. This Australian-made, curriculum fit programme also highlights the important role that the conductor plays within the orchestra. The programme highlights important performers and conductors from both the past and the present. It explores the use of stringed instruments within and beyond the symphony orchestra, demonstrating the diverse utilisation of stringed instruments world wide.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2009
Duration: 30 min
Series: The Orchestra
Printable Resources: Yes

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