Tertiary Catalogue

Living with Lies

Insights and Strategies

Eve Ash talks to Professor Robert Feldman (University of Massachusetts Amherst) about his research for the book "The Liar in Your Life": He reveals that we all lie at different times, there are many types of lies ranging from the unconscious to lies of commission, and that people often lie within the first ten minutes of meeting someone. We lie to create an impression, we lie because we are anxious, we make up narratives to fill gaps in our memories. We have a "truth bias" in as much as we don't want to believe another person might be lying. Lies create spiral effects ("You lie, I lie"). We might be suspicious of liars, but we also tend to forgive them. Lies lead to inauthenticity in relationships. People compartmentalize lies and can live with them for many, many years.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 13 min
Series: Insights and Strategies
Printable Resources: Yes

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