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Series: Introducing Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Compounds: Death of a President

From water to table salt, we safely come into contact with countless chemical compounds every day. But compounds can also be deadly. Using Turkish President Turgut Özal’s death and eventual autopsy as real-life context, this video examines the...Show More
Elements: The Hanover Poisoning

Elements: The Hanover Poisoning

A poisoned umbrella and a forensic investigation … using an unusual and as-yet-unsolved true crime as a launching place, this video shows that the chemistry of matter matters. Elements, as represented on the periodic table, are made up of only...Show More

Introducing Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Matter exists as elements, compounds and mixtures. But what are the differences between these three forms? Using straightforward images and diagrams and commonplace examples, this video introduces students to how elements, compounds and mixtures...Show More

Mixtures: Tailings Dam Disaster

The products of mining—metals, minerals, and fuels—are essential to our everyday lives. But the waste by-products from mining processes, called tailings, can be highly toxic. Using the 2014 Mount Polley Mine tailings dam and its catastrophic...Show More