Teach about the US Election with These Videos on ClickView

By Kate Kovalik

On Tuesday, 8th November, America will head to the polls to elect their 45th President. The campaign has captured the attention of people around the world, and is shaping up to be one of the most controversial elections thus far. The Republican and Democratic candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have both stirred debate, surrounding their dramatic pasts and current political ideologies. Their individual passions have divided America, and are being closely scrutinised.

Below are eight outstanding videos that have been added to the ClickView Exchange by the ClickView Community. They can assist in teaching pupils about Trump, Clinton, and the nature of this year’s election. They cover a range of topics, examining the lives of the candidates, the potential impacts of their election to government, as well as the institution of American politics. The videos can be used in a number of classrooms to teach a range of subjects, from economics to social studies. They are useful for engaging pupils in thoughtful discussion about social issues, as well as the similarities and differences between politics in the UK and the US.

If you’re already a ClickView customer you can access these videos as well as over 12,000 more through the ClickView Exchange, copy them to your personal workspace and push them in to your school’s ClickView library.

Donald Trump: All American Billionaire

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by C P F, The Camden School For Girls

Before he was a Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump was a billionaire developer. In this documentary, Emily Maitlis follows the man and his family to learn more about his personal and business lives. Concurrently, she tracks the creation of Trump’s golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland, showing that Trump has never been far from controversy. The documentary provides an insight into his personal history, showing us where he has come from, and just a glimpse of what he is capable of. Watch Donald Trump – All American Billionaire.

Hillary Clinton: The Power of Women

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Malcolm A, Bexhill College

In the 1990s, Hillary Clinton stood up for women with a ground-breaking speech, which challenged the world to consider women’s rights as human rights. Two decades on, as Clinton fights to claim her place in the White House, more women than ever have taken positions of power in government. But how much has changed for the majority of women across the world? In this documentary, Clinton as well as other women of power in the United States discuss the efforts there have been since the speech, and how they see women’s rights in the modern landscape. It is an interesting examination of not only this important social issue, but also the success of Clinton’s previous political and diplomatic efforts. Watch Hillary Clinton – The Power of Women.

US Presidential Debate: Debate 1

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Kate K, ClickView

The Presidential Debates are crucial events in the US political calendar, as they provide a chance for the nation to hear the perspectives of both candidates on a range of key election issues. This first debate saw Clinton and Trump come face-to-face at Hofstra University, where they discussed issues including jobs, transparency, race, and scandals surrounding both candidates. While both candidates were enlightening and elusive at some points, the debate provides an environment in which the public may witness these individuals in a high-pressure situation, an inevitable part of being President. Their discussion of the aforementioned issues provides a good starting point for consideration of debates that continue to rage in America, in the classroom. Watch the US Presidential Debate: Debate 1.

Presidential Debate

Panorama: Trump’s Angry America

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Rupert D, ClickView

In this Panorama special, Hilary Andersson attempts to understand why Donald Trump has divided America, and why his supporters are so passionate. Visiting Bakersfield in California, a racially diverse town, Andersson speaks with a number of residents in an attempt to understand their range of opinions. While one half are highly supportive of Trump’s immigration policies, and the ousting of illegal immigrants, the other are fearful, for themselves, and for the future of America. It is an engaging exploration of the nation, and the issues that most concern its people. Watch Panorama: Trump’s Angry America.

Bots Influencing the US Election

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Kate K, ClickView

In the modern world, the face of political campaigning has changed dramatically. Where rallies and television broadcasts were once central to a candidate’s success, a strong social media presence is now crucial. But it’s not as simple as creating a Facebook or Twitter page. Bots, automated accounts which disseminate content repeatedly and frequently, are acting to influence the general public and their perceptions. They are being used to establish an illusion of popularity. In this Click feature, learn about the power of this technology, and how it will influence the outcome of the upcoming election. Watch Bots Influencing the US Election.


World Business Report: The US Election and the Mexican Economy

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Kate K, ClickView

Katie Watkinson provides a new insight into the economic impacts of the American election. But this time, it’s from an unexpected perspective: Mexico’s. Mexico’s economy is already volatile at best, fluctuating depending on their own politics, and the economic movements of others across the world. Yet the upcoming election also has a huge influence on the Peso. With Trump’s promises of a wall between the two nations has come additional financial instability, and with each of his individual successes has come a drop in the Peso’s value. This is an important examination of how interconnected the world’s politics and economies are. Watch World Business Report: The US Election and the Mexican Economy.


UpFront: Donald Trump Special

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Kate K, ClickView

In an UpFront special, biographers, journalists and authors discuss Donald Trump, his past, and his future in the political sphere. They all bring to the table a different experience of Trump and highlight some of the main discussions surrounding his character and capabilities as President of the United States. It is a useful programme that will develop pupils’ understandings of the diverse opinions that surround Trump at this critical time. Watch UpFront: Donald Trump Special.

Trump: Could It Really Happen?

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Kate K, ClickView

Donald Trump has long been a character in the American story, establishing himself in the cultural landscape as a ruthless billionaire and TV celebrity. He is a highly competitive figure, and the most recent competition he has joined is the race for the Presidency. As he campaigns across the nation, he continues to divide the population, with his unapologetic style of politics. The threat of his election has Democrats and even some Republicans scared. So could he really be the next President of the United States? Amanda Walker tries to determine the likelihood, with a number of interviews with people from across the political spectrum. It is a useful resource for gaining an understanding of the man, his supporters, and those who dread his election. Watch Trump: Could It Really Happen?

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