Library Editor updates

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Joe Pour

Earlier this year we released an Early Access program to allow schools to try Library Editor –  our new cloud-based alternative to the Publisher.

Since its release, over 800 schools and colleges have adopted Library Editor in place of Publisher. With the assistance of these schools, we have developed the following features and improvements:

Series, Season and Episode Number

We have now added the ability to add Series, Seasons and Episode Numbers to any of your content, in ClickView or your Library Cataloguing System.

Series in Library Editor

Series In Online

If you are using the RSS or MARC records integration with a VLE or library system, your videos will be displayed in the following format:

Series Title : S01E01 – Video Title

To achieve this, you will need to remove the existing records and do a re-import to get this new format.

We have also populated the Season and Episode Number for Exchange videos to make the information more consistent.

New Fields

We have added the following fields to Library Editor:

  • Production Companies
  • Producers 
  • Distributors
  • Directors

You can add multiple entries in producer or director roles. This is displayed to teachers and students under the video.

Producers, Production Company, Distributors and Directors in Library Editor

Producers, Production Company, Distributors and Directors in Online

New Resource Type

You can now add links to resources relating to videos, via the Resources, Subtitles & Links tab.

Links in Library Editor

Links in ClickView Online

Customising Folder and Banner Images

This can now be done by going to any folder, and clicking on Edit Images.

Custom images in Library Editor

Merging Chapters

Some videos had previously been chapterised and separated into individual files.

You can now merge these chapters back into one file, which gives access to the following functions:

  • Creating clips 
  • Uploading your own subtitles
  • Editing the video 
  • Adding chapters to the video using Library Editor

After the video has been completely merged, your existing chapter points will be retained.

Merging Chapters in Library Editor

Merging Chapters in Library Editor

Why is ClickView and Exchange Content Linked?

When you migrate from Publisher, duplicates of ClickView and Exchange videos are removed.

This ensures up-to-date metadata, and no duplicate search results.

Admin Notes

We’ve added a new field called “Admin Notes” under every video in Library Editor, available on your own videos and linked ClickView videos. The data in these fields will not be searchable or displayed to teachers or students, but acts as a notepad for ClickView Administrators and Librarians.

If a video in your library was linked to the Exchange or a ClickView Library during the migration, we have pre-populated it with all of your previous Publisher metadata.

Admin Notes in Library Editor

View in Publisher Archive

View in Publisher

We’ve added a new button on the migrated video page that will show you that information. This allows you to view the metadata as it was displayed in Publisher.

Publisher Details

Generate Report of Linked Videos

You can now generate a report to see which Exchange or ClickView video had been linked after migrating.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide us with feedback. We’re already working hard on another release of new features that will be coming towards the end of October.

If you have any ideas for new features or would just like to provide us some feedback, please feel free to get in contact with us at