Introducing the Hamilton release: Key feature updates

3 mins read
Joe Pour

Our Product team has been busy developing exciting new user-friendly features and updates for this release that we know you’ll love. We’re pleased to announce that Hamilton, named after software engineer Margaret Hamilton, is now live.

Release overview

  1. Publicly share video links from integrations
  2. Extract subtitles
  3. View Playlists within ClickView integrations

Publicly share links from all VLE integrations

Product: ClickView integrations

What does this mean?
If you use our ClickView integrations to access videos in your virtual learning environment (VLE), you now have the ability to share video links and embed content publicly from your own Library.

How does it work?
With public sharing, you can now change the privacy on all videos in your Library. This gives you the option to publicly share Library videos, including content you’ve created yourself.

Publicly share video links from integrations
Three sharing options now available in Microsoft Teams and all ClickView VLE integrations.

Why you’ll love this feature
You’ll now be able to share your resources, as well as benefit from content publicly shared by others. This sharing helps to promote a sense of community by collaborating with educators outside of your school or institute.

Extract subtitles

Product: Library Editor

What does this mean?
Videos with embedded subtitles will now have the subtitle track extracted, allowing you to upload both the video and the subtitle file separately. Subtitles will appear as a caption option on the video and can be read by screen-readers, supporting website accessibility.

How does it work?
This feature will automatically extract any subtitles embedded in an uploaded video and add them to ClickView as a subtitle (SRT) file. This works for all videos with embedded subtitles that are uploaded to Library Editor, as well as your Workspace and the Exchange.

Why you’ll love this feature
In the past, when you uploaded DVDs including subtitles to ClickView, the subtitles were lost. With the extraction feature, we’ll extract the subtitles and attach them to the uploaded video. This new ClickView feature will also help support accessibility and equity for all learners, including a UK mandate to incorporate captions in all video content.

View Playlists within ClickView integrations

Product: ClickView integrations

What does this mean?
You can now access ClickView Playlists within your school or institute’s virtual learning environment (VLE).

How does it work?
You’ll now see your Playlists in the ClickView integration for all VLEs, allowing you to easily select and embed a video. If you can’t see your playlists in the ClickView integration, please read this article to learn how to get access.

ClickView Playlists in VLE

Why you’ll love this feature
Being able to view ClickView Playlists within your virtual learning environment is one of the most common customer requests, so we’re excited to share it with you. It will make it much easier to navigate Playlists and find the video you wish to embed. By removing the need to flick between ClickView and your VLE, you’ll also save time.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and helping us continue to improve the ClickView user experience. We really do listen and our team has worked hard to bring this release to life for you.

If you’ve got an idea for a new feature or you’d love to give us some feedback, please get in touch at