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Joe Pour

At ClickView, our core focus has and always will be to enrich classroom learning experiences for teachers while saving time for librarians. In February, we made some changes to ClickView to ensure reliable delivery of new videos to teachers while facilitating the work of librarians.

To understand these changes we need to look back at how ClickView previously made new content available. Schools who have been with ClickView for a long time will remember receiving DVDs containing new content from ClickView, which were then replaced by USB drives, and then finally via “a push” to ClickView Publisher.

Over time, these methods have become inefficient. Packages could go missing in the post, new content may be forgotten to be added to a school’s ClickView Library, or there could be staff changes at the school. Whatever the reason, schools were missing out on valuable video resources that ClickView had produced especially for their teachers and students!

This is what we set out to resolve with the February updates.

Helping schools find and receive their missing videos

Initially we looked at how many videos schools had not downloaded over the years. Our findings determined that on average there were around 941 videos missing from a school’s library. That is quite a lot of titles, especially considering that those videos had been specifically identified and produced to meet the needs of the National Curriculum.

ClickView Missing Content

In our findings we also determined exactly which video titles each school was missing, for their reference. This was very important in ensuring each and every school knew what those missing videos were.

Finally, we worked on how to deliver the missing videos to schools. We knew the update would be different and unique to each school, so it was important that the update would accomplish the following two goals:

  1. Deliver all missing content to schools, specific to each school
  2. Provide a one-click process to add the missing content to a school’s library

More ClickView content available

ClickView Add Missing Content

Three things schools need to know about the recent updates:

1. A “hosted” ClickView Library = Instant, reliable delivery of new videos

For the schools using ClickView Publisher we switched on a “hosted” library, which is simply an online library that sits inside ClickView containing all video content. This meant that teachers could see the full breadth of videos available to them.

ClickView Hosted Library

However, this came with its own challenge as many schools were missing many titles. Some by design, but many by accident. This meant we needed a process for schools to first see the missing content and then add it to their ClickView Libraries.

We decided to work on giving each school a custom list of videos that they were missing, known as “Library Review”. For each school, this custom list contained relevant and recently released videos by ClickView, all of which have been reviewed by educators and aligned to the National Curriculum.

ClickView Library Review

2. “Library Review” = The ability for schools to review all new videos

Library Review gives schools 30 days to review new videos before the content is added to the ClickView Libraries and made available to staff. This empowers librarians and ClickView Administrators with the ability to review all new content and decide if they would like to add it to their school library or change who can access the video.

For schools missing many titles, we understand that it would take too long to review everything. Consequently we designed Library Review to easily add all new titles to your hosted ClickView Libraries with one click. We recommend doing this and then retrospectively managing access to any videos you don’t want in your ClickView Libraries (please see below). We’ve already seen most schools prefer this option as all the videos in your Library Review are aligned to the National Curriculum and have been produced by educators and specialist consultants for use in your classrooms.

3. You can manage teacher access of individual videos

We also introduced a new way for ClickView Administrators to manage access to videos that have been added to the ClickView hosted library. This means that Librarians and ClickView Administrators can decide exactly which videos teaching staff can or cannot view!

Review videos


Receiving library updates in the future

Going forward all new video content will be delivered instantly to schools through the hosted ClickView Libraries. The new Library Review system then makes adding the videos to a school’s ClickView Library even easier than before!

The best part: Teachers won’t miss out on great new content.

Schools can still push any video to ClickView Publisher by clicking “Options” alongside any video and selecting “Add to your Library”:

ClickView Library

Quick recap

The benefit of hosted libraries is that ClickView can now reliably and instantly deliver new videos to all ClickView schools, rather than using DVDs or USBs via the post. Library Review gives librarians an easy way to review new content and then add it to the school’s ClickView Library for staff to use in their classrooms. This saves librarians time so they can focus on what they do best; helping teachers find relevant content that complements their lessons.

If you have further questions about the recent changes, please see this support article where we’ve answered the most common questions about the February update.