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Alice Donaldson

Do you know about our ClickView interactive videos? Each interactive video supports students’ learning through questions that enhance engagement and comprehension.

In this Miniclip, students learn about maps and their purposes as Noah and his dog Mustard use a map to navigate their way home. The fundamental features of a map are explained including the scale, compass and legend (or key).

Students are also able to critically reflect on the content by completing the interactive video. Through the incorporation of various question types, students are encouraged to think in a range of ways and at varying levels of complexity. Short answer questions, such as calculating a distance, keep learners engaged and focused. Whilst extended response questions, such as determining why a map needs a scale, draw upon the students’ skills to reflect, apply wise judgement, and solve new problems. Feedback and built-in analytic tools can provide teachers insight into students’ comprehension of the concepts explored.

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